Can you imagine living a life without any goals? Going through each day without something to work towards, to strive for? I know that my life would feel so completely pointless if I didn’t have a forever evolving list of short-term and long-term goals. Setting goals keeps us motivated, enriches our development and builds opportunity […]



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I'm Teressia. I’ve helped thousands of small business owners scale their businesses and grow an amazing online presence. By using Social Media platforms and showing them how to do the same, they have been able to reach a vast new customer base that they wouldn’t have otherwise had the ability to connect with.

What is time blocking? Time blocking is the time management practice of dividing your day into blocks of time of which you focus on one specific task or a group of related tasks within those blocks. Time blocking allows you to become more intentional with your time and decreases stress by removing the cloud of […]


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